GizmoGO! combines live action and animation to teach core biblical values through relatable stories for little children. Join young Gizmo and his friends – Miss Tina, Gears, Widget, and Rig – at Quantum Labs as they go on fun adventures and learn valuable lessons from the Bible.


Courses focus on foundational biblical values such as courage, sharing, obedience, honesty, friendship, and more. Each course features a Bible story highlighting one value, then shows what happens when the robots at Quantum Labs apply that particular value in various (often humorous) encounters. Young children are discipled in their Christian walk as they learn to put important scriptural principles into practice in their lives.

You can easily customize the curriculum with in-depth Bible lessons and fun games that drive home those Biblical values. With the Object-to-GO!, children can share what they learn with their parents and siblings!

Each course has three trading cards (available for purchase) that children can collect—one each featuring a character, the episode, and Bible story.


GizmoGO! teaches core Biblical values to kids in a way that’s relatable, with situations that they understand. Gizmo and his robot friends at Quantum Labs, along with the help of Miss Tina the intern, learn important life lessons from their favorite book of all time, the Bible. Join Gizmo and his new friends, Miss Tina, Gears, Widget, and Rig, as they go on fun adventures and learn valuable lessons inside Quantum Labs!


GizmoGO! is specially designed for younger children with fun characters, smart humor, and great music. Each course features original songs plus updated arrangements to familiar favorites. Children can sign along with music videos while participating in creative games and activities!

With the perfect combination of songs, Bible stories, games, and humor, GizmoGO! makes lessons entertaining and memorable for young children!

Join Gizmo and his friends for all new adventures, lessons & FUN!


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Rig of the West

When Rig finds a gold nugget, he wants to buy the robo-horse of his dreams—until Miss Tina tells the Bible story of a poor widow who gives God just two tiny coins, everything she has!

Return to the Flying House

When Gears helps bring Professor Bumble’s flying house back from a space-time vortex, he brags about it—a lot! Gears and the other robots learn the importance of humbleness through the story of how Saul met Jesus on the road to Damascus.

Quantum Christmas

Radar and the kids are prepping for tonight’s big Christmas concert, but there’s just one small problem: Tina and the bots are stuck at the airport!

Kindness is No Joke

Quantum Labs is having a comedy night! But when Widget’s jokes fall flat, she becomes desperate for a laugh. How far will Widget go trying to be funny? Will she remember to be kind to her friends?

Extraordinary You

Quantum Labs is having a comedy night! But when Widget’s jokes fall flat, she becomes desperate for a laugh. How far will Widget go trying to be funny? Will she remember to be kind to her friends?

Tina’s First Day

 Miss Tina starts her internship at Quantum Labs and meets Gizmo, Rig, Gears, and Widget. Miss Tina and the robots learn that the Lord fills us with strength and wisdom to obey Him!

The Quantum Hotel

Miss Tina and the robots plan a fun day—until the professor gives them a big job! Will they obey or sneak away? See how Noah’s story inspires them to exercise their “obedience muscles”!

Call the Repair Bots!

Everyone is working on their fun-tastic food creations for a picnic, and Rig is making the world’s biggest soufflé—or so he says! When Miss Tina shares the story of Zacchaeus, the robots learn a lesson about honesty.

The Case of the Missing Protonatron

Gears’ favorite action figure was stolen, and his friend Gizmo is the #1 suspect! To save their friendship, Detective Widget solves the case and Miss Tina tells the story of David and Jonathan.

The Wind-Up Robot

Gizmo and the bots meet a wind-up robot who acts differently and claims his name is also Gizmo! Can they all become friends?

The Fast and the Gear-ious

Gears has invented a new device that will eliminate the need to wait for anything ever again. He’s just waiting on one more piece to make it work, and it’s taking forever!

Invasion of the Bug-O-Mytes

Who’s got some bug spray? When pesky bugs take over the computer in the Robotics Division, Miss Tina calls Rodney the rat to help save the day! But when Gears challenges Rodney’s solution, the bots turn it into a big competition, pitting software against hardware!

A Tale of Two Widgets

Widget’s favorite author G.E. Wellington is visiting Quantum Labs, and it looks like she left her tablet backstage! Widget is tempted to sneak a peek at the next installment of The Woodwind Chronicles before it’s released—but can she learn a lesson in self-control?

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