The Superbook Church Edition Curriculum DVD course offered here is from an earlier version of what is now Superbook Academy. The lessons and videos are the same, and all the required material is on the DVD. This limited collection contains the 13 essential courses that teach the Bible from Genesis to Revelation in 39 easy-to-follow lessons. Each DVD is a self-contained course using videos from our Superbook Animated series and other original videos, plus three different PDF lessons, activities, games, songs, and crafts. The lessons will allow your students to discover how God’s Word applies to their lives. Plus, they will learn about the archaeology of the Biblical locations and how each story points to Jesus and His return.

The course DVD contains everything you need to teach the three lessons without any internet or streaming. You can print as many copies of the teaching and crafts as you need and show the videos anytime, as much as you want.

Each course DVD is $9 or order the 13 DVD Essential Collection and pay only $100.

A Giant Adventure: Essential CollectionA Giant Adventure: Essential Collection
He Is Risen: Essential CollectionHe Is Risen: Essential Collection
Jacob and Esau: Essential CollectionJacob and Esau: Essential Collection
Let My People Go: Essential CollectionLet My People Go: Essential Collection
Miracles of Jesus: Essential CollectionMiracles of Jesus: Essential Collection
Revelation The Final Battle: Essential CollectionRevelation The Final Battle: Essential Collection
Roar: Essential CollectionRoar: Essential Collection
Superbook Academy: Complete Essential CollectionSuperbook Academy: Complete Essential Collection
The First Christmas: Essential CollectionThe First Christmas: Essential Collection
The Last Supper: Essential CollectionThe Last Supper: Essential Collection
The Road to Damascus: Essential CollectionThe Road to Damascus: Essential Collection
The Ten Commandments: Essential CollectionThe Ten Commandments: Essential Collection
The Test: Essential CollectionThe Test: Essential Collection
In the Beginning: Essential CollectionIn the Beginning: Essential Collection

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