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You can help the Bible come alive for your students…

Superbook Academy is a web-based discipleship program that connects church, home and student.

Based on the Emmy-nominated animation series, Superbook takes viewers on amazing adventures back through time to relive the greatest stories of the Bible.

Superbook Academy offers incredible tools that bring the Bible to life for today’s media-savvy kids.



Superbook Academy Landing
Superbook Academy Landing
Superbook Academy Landing

Discover Superbook Academy

Superbook Academy has the tools to bring together church, family and individual study to make the Word of God a daily part of children’s lives.

Superbook Academy Landing

Superbook Church

Superbook Church is a subscription-based multi-year Bible study program for grades 1 – 6.  The series was created by a team that includes Biblical scholars, and award-winning animators and writers.

From Genesis to Revelation each lesson includes:

  • Easy to follow instructions for both large and small groups
  • In-depth lesson plans with great attention to Biblical accuracy
  • Interactive videos, engaging music, games, and printable activities.


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Superbook Home

Superbook Home contains full length Emmy-nominated Superbook animations that take families on the greatest adventures of the Bible.

Together families experience the power of Superbook to make the Bible come alive with in-depth discussion guides, and fun family activities.

Superbook Academy Landing

Superbook Student

Superbook Student provides a great opportunity for kids to learn more of the Bible at their own pace on their own device.

Superbook series clips and self-paced lessons bring the power of God’s Word to student’s lives.


What makes Superbook Academy so special?


  • Superbook Church lessons can be easily viewed from any connected device or conveniently printed for offline use.
  • Stream videos from your desktop, laptop, tablet and even your internet connected smartphone!
  • Our student hand-outs are beautifully designed and formatted for printing.
  • Superbook Church is mobile ready and requires no special operating system.


  • Superbook videos and lessons are designed to encourage student interaction by bringing them into the Superbook adventure.
  • Gizmo engages your students with video based questions to which the whole class can respond.
  • Engaging crafts and group activities reinforce the lesson and make learning fun.
  • Students can continue exploring at home with online activities to share with friends and family.


  • Superbook Academy’s innovative system allows you to plan, prepare and present the lessons from any internet connected device on any screen with no special software to install.
  • Log in to our Teacher Dashboard and you have instant visibility into all your purchased lessons giving you and your class convenient anytime access.


  • Superbook has a worldwide appeal and Superbook Academy will be translated into many languages to reach students across the globe.
  • We are anticipating Spanish, French and Arabic availability in 2015,  and other languages are right around the corner.
  • Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on the languages we support.

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