Children’s Ministry Curriculum for Church and Home.

Bring the Bible to life for your students as they learn important lessons from God’s Word with Superbook. Biblically and historically accurate, it’s the Emmy-nominated Superbook series kids love!

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Children’s Ministry Curriculum for Church and Home.

Bring the Bible to life for your students as they learn important lessons from God’s Word with Superbook. Biblically and historically accurate, it’s the Emmy-nominated Superbook series kids love!


Online video-based curriculum you can use anywhere on any device.

Complete and easy-to-use lesson plans make preparation simple and quick.

Exclusive, original videos capture children’s imagination and encourage engagement and participation by students.

Online resources for parents and students to use at home during the week—The Family Discussion Guide for parents and a Superbook website and Bible app created just for kids.

On students have access to games, contests, videos, an onlineBible and devotional, and more.  Students can use the Superbook Bible app to explore profiles of Bible story characters; full Bible text with audio, integrated videos and Bible games; and more.

Created by historians, Christian educators, and Emmy-winning writers and producers, Superbook delivers quality and accuracy beyond compare.


Lessons can be viewed from any connected device or conveniently printed for offline use.

This innovative system allows you to plan, prepare, and present videos from your desktop, laptop, tablet or Internet-connected smartphone.

Play videos from your smart phone to a large screen TV in one easy step using Apple TV or Google Chromecast

Instant access to all lessons—convenient to use anytime for you and your class.

Student handouts are beautifully designed and formatted for printing.

Mobile-ready and OS-independent.


Every Bible story course contains three full lessons.

Each course includes:

  • Full Superbook Bible story animation.
  • Exclusive Bible Background video that shows the archaeological evidence existing in the world today for each Bible story.
  • Original Signposts video that reveals how Jesus Christ is foreshadowed throughout Scripture and shows how Jesus fulfilled the prophecies of the coming Messiah.
  • Leader Guides for Large Group and Small Group, plus Additional Activities to expand class time another 30 minutes if desired.
  • Bible studies, fun activities, and practical applications that engage your students using Bible memorization, creative games, crafts, object lessons, prayer, music videos and more.

The Superbook animation series is produced by a team of educators, historians, and Emmy Award-winning writers and animators whose credits include Mulan, Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King.


A Superbook Academy subscription includes instant access to the entire multiyear lesson library.

  • "I would highly recommend and endorse this program for all children’s ministries. It captured the attention of our children and sparked new interest in Bible stories and Scripture. The program is very easy to implement and has extreme flexibility to fit almost any time slot. The program has enough material and additional activities to allow for a teacher to fill anywhere from 30 minutes to as much as 2 hours. The children really engage in the songs and Bible verses, and of course, they love the crafts and activities. Parent feedback has been excellent, and we will definitely continue with this program."

    Dan Family Pastor, Santa Rosa Beach, FL
  • "Superbook is engaging and fun for the kids! They are excited and eager to come to Sunday school to learn about the Bible because of this curriculum. Superbook is the best curriculum we have used, not only for the kids, but for the teachers as well."

    Michelle Children’s Ministry, Eatonville, WA
  • "Superbook was great. It was easy to follow and use. The video quality was outstanding and professionally presented. The kids enjoyed it and were excited to discuss what they heard, saw and experienced through games and activities. There were multiple options, which gave me the flexibility I need. The written instructions were simple and easy for new volunteers to follow."

    Joyce Children’s Pastor, Milton, FL
  • "Our foremost aim in children's ministry is engagement, and Superbook Academy helps us effectively hit that target by introducing kids to God's story in a meaningful and memorable way. We are beginning our second consecutive year of using Superbook Academy with our K-5th graders, and I have to contain myself in order to keep my praise for this curriculum to a readable length. The materials are infinitely adaptable to different teaching styles and time criteria... to the point where even the videos are cut to different running times and broken into segments for selective use. The activities are not only well thought-out, but have clearly been tried and refined to always pass the 'Fun Test'. Most remarkably, though, is the quality of the videos themselves-- I find myself saying, "That's just how I pictured that part of the Bible..." and hearing our kids beg, 'Can we watch that movie again?'"

    Jason Richards Spring Branch Community Church
  • Superbook is an answer to prayer. The material we had before just wasn't working and we were praying for something that would revive our children. We are inspired to be the pioneers in making the curriculum thrive. It is without a doubt opening the ears of our children to the word of God. We find the curriculum to be doctrinally sound, organized, and easy to teach. We also are noticing an increase in biblical comprehension. 

    The children are just so excited to learn. In times of so much challenging the minds of our children and with so much garbage on line,  they need something that can compete with that. The videos are inspired by the Holy Spirit and when watching we see their faces transform with revelation. The children think about their questions and doubts. They are maturing in their own beliefs. Gizmo welcomes people in who are insecure about what our church does. They see him and they want to come in. 

    One of the children: "What I like the most is that I can get involved and bring my friends."

    Pastor Sandy Lopez Lakewood Sunday School

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