God allows us freedom to make choices. We all disobey at times. To live the best life, we must obey God. That’s why He has given us rules to protect us and help us live lives that please Him. True or false? God wants us to love, honor and obey Him non prescription cialis. Read: Exodus 20:12 What are we told to do and what is our reward? What happened when Chris disobeyed his dad? What did Professor Quantum do? Chris knew that the serpent wanted him to become his slave. What does Romans 6:16-18 tell us about freedom and obedience? Read: Deuteronomy 11:18-22 What are ways we can show our love for God?

PRAY: Dear Lord, please help me to know the rules that You have given us, and help me to obey them so I can live right and please You. Amen.


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